Saturday, 19 January 2019

Study: Most College Students took the Wrong Major

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  • TEMPO/Suryo Wibowo

    TEMPO/Suryo Wibowo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - An independent poll by CEO of psychology-app Aku Pintar, Lutvianto Pebri Handoko in 2017 revealed that 87 percent of college students feel they are majoring in the wrong academic discipline.

    “I conducted a minor poll of my own, which saw 87 percent of college students feel they took the wrong major,” said Pebri at Warung Daun Cikini today, Nov. 10.

    Meanwhile, Pebri stated, 71.7 percent of employees that are currently working did not choose a profession that is linear to the major they studied in college. This drove him to conclude that the biggest problem lies in the lack of individual planning skills.

    Pebri elaborated elements in life that could affect an individual taking the wrong major, which can come from parental influence, friends, childhood dreams, practical reasons of a major and its employment rate, and prestige.

    “Many realize they made a wrong decision during their initial college year, and there are some that changed majors,” said Pebri.

    Furthermore, Pebri said that millennials are currently seen as a potential breed; “The young generation has minimum experience since they do not offer the past, but they can offer a future,” he explained, while promoting his application that can specifically help students overcome numerous issues related to academics.