Woman in Ciputat Commit Suicide by Burning

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  • TEMPO.CO, South Tangerang - A woman in Ciputat, South Tangerang had committed suicide by setting herself on fire. The suicide act, which took place on Tuesday morning, Nov. 6, was suspected to have been triggered by depression.  

    SW (39) had tried to kill herself by consuming asthma medication and carbonated drink. When that failed, she doused herself with kerosene and then set herself ablaze.

    According to the police, the woman's husband had scolded his wife when he found out about the first suicide attempt.

    "SW didn’t take the scolding well, and proceeded to douse herself with kerosene," South Tangerang Police's Criminal Investigation Unit chief, Adj. Comr. Alexander Yurikho said.

    According to Alexander, SW's husband tried to put out the fire with the help of neighbors outside of their rented home in Serua. SW was taken to the hospital after the police arrived; almost her entire body suffered burns. 

    "SW died that night due to her injuries. She was. She was buried in her hometown," Alexander said.

    Muhammad Kurnianto