Lion Air JT 610 Crash; Boeing Issues Manual

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The United States aircraft manufacturer Boeing issued an operation manual in relation to the Lion Air JT 610`s Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft that crashed into Karawang waters.

    In its official statement on Wednesday, November 7, Boeing stated the manual referred to as the Operations Manual Bulletin (OMB) that was published on November 6.

    The manual is to direct the flight or airline operator regarding the procedure that must be taken by the flight crew when there is a problem with the Angle of Attack (AOA) sensor.

    The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Commission (KNTK) has indicated that the Lion Air JT 610 flight encountered a problem with the AOA sensor input.

    Boeing also said that it provided full support and technical assistance to the KNKT and other government authorities which responsible for investigating the Lion Air JT 610 flight.

    The investigation of the Lion Air JT 610 crash that killed 189 people is ongoing and Boeing continues to cooperate.

    The Lion Air JT 610 aircraft that crashed in Tanjung Karawang waters on October 29 was said to be the deadliest flight accident in 2018.