Saturday, 19 January 2019

4 Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In general, adult people need to sleep for seven to eight hours per day. Other than having enough hours of rest, having a quality sleep habit can improve productivity and health as during sleep your body and brain regenerate.

    There are many ways to get a good nighttime sleep quality, among others:

    1. Take a warm bath or shower before you go to bed

    A bath or shower with warm water will help to decrease your body temperature and ease body muscles and that lower temperature will raise the sleep hormone or melatonin to get a refreshing rest.

    2. Set a regular sleep schedule

    Regular sleep schedule is significant to obtain quality sleep. If you keep a sleep-wake regular schedule, you will tend to feel energized in the morning since it helps the brain to create natural alarm. Don’t forget to create a bedroom environment that is dark, quiet, and calming.

    3. Turn off your electronic devices

    If necessary, keep away electronic devices such as television, computer, gadgets, from the bedroom. This will increase body relaxation thus blood flow to the brain will be optimal.

    4. Sleep on a quality mattress

    Make sure your mattress is comfortable, fully support your backbone, and gives you relax sensation while lying down. A wrong mattress can impact your quality sleep as it has to do with the network of blood circulation.