Saturday, 19 January 2019

300 Jakartans Register to Occupy Zero DP House Program

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - People of Jakarta have registered to occupy the zero DP house program dubbed Solusi Rumah Warga or Samawa on the first day of the registration period. The acting head of Jakarta Housing and Settlement Agency, Meli Budiastuti, said as of Thursday afternoon, Nov. 1, there was a total of 383 registrants.

    “We open the registration at 8:30 am and close at 2 pm today,” said Meli in a phone call with Tempo today, Nov 1.

    She mentioned 133 out of 383 registrants came from North Jakarta, 71 from East Jakarta, 60 from Central Jakarta, 32 from South Jakarta, 31 from West Jakarta, and 5 registrants from Seribu Islands, “And people who directly register themselves in the agency amounts to 70,” Meli added.

    According to Meli, the number of registrants was not limited by the quota but the registration period, which was until November 20, 2018.

    Meli ensured the chosen Jakartan to occupy the property was not decided by the regional quota, but based on the requirement met by the registrant. Thus, despite only a few people from Seribu Islands who registered the program, it did not mean they would have a higher chance to get the unit.

    She explained Jakartans could only register the program via offline in the mayor office of their respective areas and the regent office of Seribu Islands as well as in the city’s Housing and Settlement office in Central Jakarta.

    The city administration, Meli continued, would announce the people who passed the requirement to occupy the zero DP house program Samawa in the website of Samawa to be later listed in the Gubernatorial Decree in December 2018. They would occupy 780 units of apartments in Klapa Village, East Jakarta.