5 Cultural Festivals to be Held in November

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Visiting tourist destinations or enjoying attractions are not the only things you can do during a vacation. Witnessing local tradition while enjoying a cultural festival can be an option for your next vacation. Here are Several regions in Indonesia that will hold interesting cultural festivals.

    1. Kenduri Malay Art

    In the commemoration on Batam's anniversary, the city organizes Kenduri Malay Art on November 1-3. The festival displays various Riau's mainland and islands cultural arts.

    The main activity is held at Engku Putri Field. Besides traditional games competition, special culinary and various SMEs products are also available in the festival. The event will be enlivened by the performance of a famous Malay singer, Iyeth Bustami.

    2. Mahakam Festival

    The annual festival will take place on November 2-4 on the Mahakam River, Samarinda, East Kalimantan. The famous Mahakam River race, which usually is participated by 100 people, will take place during this event.

    There will be various competitions such as additional boat racing, power boating racing, and many more. There is also a music and cultural stage, including the performance of traditional Dayak musical instruments such as sampe or sape.

    3. Banda People’s Party

    The Banda People's Party will be held on November 4-11 in Banda Neira, one of the islands in the Banda Islands.

    The tourists can watch music, dance and theater performances, culinary and craft exhibitions, as well as traditional boat races. The event will also organize various workshops and historical dialogues.

    4. Ya’ahowu Nias Festival 2018

    The festival will display rock jumping and war dance. It is held on November 16-20, in Telukdalam, South Nias. The tourists can also taste durian fruit on the islands.

    5. Cirebon Cultural Festival

    The festival is held on November 21-28, displaying the cultural customs and traditions of the Cirebon palace. The tourists can walk around to enjoy attractions and taste various types of culinary. There are also fashion shows with local fabric creations.

    Rita Nariswari