Saturday, 19 January 2019

Tidore City to Open Special Port for Foreign Yacht

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Tidore Kepulauan City, North Maluku planned to build a particular port for the international yacht, funded by the private sector.

    “The private consortium has submitted the proposal to the Tidore Kepulauan administration,” said Tidore Island Transportation Agency head Daud Ibrahim in Tidore, Wednesday, Oct. 31.

    The project was initiated considering the birthplace of national hero Sultan Nuku was set as one of the stop points for the international yacht while sailing in the east of Indonesia.

    “The city administration strongly supports the construction of the special port for yachts as it is in line with infrastructure development that involving private sector,” said Daud.

    Daud expected the port would highly boost the tourism development in the region, which was one of the flagship sectors of Tidore.

    Daud said the port would be built in Rum, North Tidore. However, no decision on when the project would commence and the budget value were made.

    Rum, North Tidore considered being the best region for the port site considering the beach located in the strait between Tidore Island and Ternate Island. Thus, the area was safe from large waves and the depth of the sea.

    Located near the downtown of Soasio, Rum is renowned for its several tourist sites, such as Spanish fortresses and Maitara Island (one of the tourist islands in Tidore Kepulauan).