4 Tourist Attractions in Sapudi Island, Madura  

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  • Ssapudi Island, Madura. (visitsumenep.com)

    Ssapudi Island, Madura. (visitsumenep.com)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Madura Island offers interesting small islands to visit, such as Gili Labak, Gili Genting, Kangean Island, and Sapudi Island. These islands are located in Sumenep Regency.

    Sapudi Island can be reached from two ports in Sumenep, namely Kalianget Port and Dungkek Port, with a two-hour trip. But the option of cruising in traditional boats, that carry tourists, can be found in Dungkek Port.

    However, the maritime beauty is not the only attraction in the islet. Check out four attractions you can enjoy in Sapudi Island:

    1. Padang Lamun (seagrass bed)

    In the seagrass bed, you can find extensive coral reefs which can be seen in shallow waters when the seawater recedes. There are at least six types of seagrass in the waters of Sapudi Island. To the north, there is a coastal area with a sloping beach and calm waters where you can play on the beach and enjoy the coral reefs while snorkeling.

    2. Karapan Sapi (cow race) 

    Sapudi Island, or the local call it Podhay Island, is the place of origin of Karapan Sapi (cow race). You want to check the competition schedule before visiting the island. You can also visit the cow centers that are used for the race. 

    3. Historical tourism 

    The island is rich in history because there are two Sunans (a title given to rulers, clreics, or deities) on this island, namely Sunan Wirokromo and Sunan Wirobroto. Both were the first to open the land on this island. Besides hunting for the maritime beauty, many tourists visit their tombs. 

    4. Mangrove forest 

    Greenness can be found easily on this island because mangroves can be found on various sides of Sapudi Island. Even mangrove trees are scattered on the river banks. To surround this island, you can choose public transportation called col, similar to delman (horse cart).

    Rita Nariswari