8 Tourist Attractions in Tanah Datar, Sumatra

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  • Silundung Bulan Palace, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra. ANTARA/Muhammad Arif Pribadi

    Silundung Bulan Palace, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra. ANTARA/Muhammad Arif Pribadi

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaTanah Datar Regency in West Sumatra is known for its Pagaruyung Palace. The beautiful palace must be visited when traveling in West Sumatra. In addition, a number of tourist spots and interesting things can also be found there.

    1. Pagaruyung Palace

    Pagaruyung Palace. Wikimedia

    The beautiful palace located in Padang Siminyak, Pagaruyung, was founded in 1347. It is also known as the Basa Palace, it belongs to the heirs of King Pagaruyung. It consists of 11 gonjongs (Minang traditional house) and 9 rooms, with the motif of 58 carvings.

    2. Silinduang Bulan Palace

    The palace is located in Balai Janggo, Pagaruyung. It has all Minang style carvings, with 200 carvings and consists of 7 gonjongs.

    3. Pacu Jawi Attraction

    Pacu Jawi. TEMPO/Febrianti

    When you visit Tanah Datar after harvest time, do not miss to witness the excitement of the Pacu Jawi or cow race (Jawi= cow). The cleared rice field after the harvest became a land for the cows to race. This attraction similar to the Karapan Sapi (cow race) on Madura Island.

    4. Kawa Leaves Brew

    The brew is made of dried kawa or coffee leaves. This beverage is similar to tea but with the aroma of coffee. One of the stalls that serve the kawa leaves brew located at Bukit Sangin, Pondok Goreng Mangkuto Kawa Daun, Tanjung Baru District.

    The kawa leaves brew is served in a glass made of coconut shells. It also served with deep fried foods as a snack.

    5. Lake Singkarak

    tour de singkarak. ANTARA/Ismar Patrizki

    This lake covering an area of 107.8 square kilometers with a length of about 20 kilometers It is part of Solok and Tanah Datar region. The area of the huge lake that offers a breathtaking view also a location where Tour de Singkarak was held. 

    6. Van Der Capellen Fort

    The fort, located not far from the Pagaruyung Palace, is an inseparable historical place from the war between the Indigenous People against the Religious People, which broke in 1821. A vintage market dubbed Van Der Capellen Market is opened on every Sunday in this location.

    7. Anai Valley

    Waterfall at the Anai valley, West Sumatra. ANTARA//Iggoy el Fitra

    There are three waterfalls in the Anai Valley; the one that is visible has a height of 35 meters and located in the western part of the Anai Valley Natural Reserve. The other two waterfalls are covered with trees but can be reached on a short trip from the first waterfall.

    8. Tabek Patah Panorama

    It is located about 16 kilometers from Batusangkar, precisely in Nagari Tabek Patah, Salimpaung District, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra. You can find panoramic views of the village with the landscape of a volcano. It is a hilly area with the pine forests and cool air; a good combination for those who want to relax.

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