Daily Activities of Bali People Offered as Tourist Attractions

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bali`s traditional village in Gianyar, Bedulu, began introducing the daily activities of its community as an attraction for foreign tourists.

    “We have developed the village concept for the empowerment of the community’s economy,” said the village head, I Ketut John, in Gianyar, Bali, Tuesday, October 9.

    Gianyar Regency Public Relations said that on October 7-8, the European and Asian tourists witnessed the activities of the locals that are closely related to Balinese culture. They learned about mebat (cooking together) of Balinese cuisine, sewing, making klakat (steamer), and learning percussion.

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    In the evening, they enjoyed the Balinese arts performances, such as dances, while enjoying the food produced by the mebat activity for the dinner with the locals. The tourists were also invited to visit people’s houses and some of them even stayed overnight so they can mingle.

    Ketut John said they were working with a travel agency in Bali to bring the tourists.

    Other tourist attractions can also be found in Bedulu Traditional Village, namely Yeh Pulu, Goa Gajah, and Pura Samuan Tiga. There are also historical and ancient relics such as sarcophagi stored in people’s houses.

    A tourist named Jessy claimed to be happy to mingle with the Bedulu people in Bali. He learned to cook, play percussion and make canang (offering). “The hospitality of the people makes us happy,” she said.