6 Tips to Deal With Kids Morning Drama

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Morning drama with your family, especially with kids, often occurs on Monday morning and that creates higher pressure on the first day of the week than the rest of the days.

    However, you can pass Monday morning in peace should you follow the suggestions Tempo outlined below.

    1. Prepare clothes on the weekend

    Before the weekend ends, make sure you have already prepared your clothes, husband’s, and your kids’ school uniforms. If necessary, hang the clothes where you can easily reach to avoid more drama searching for it while you are busy in the kitchen.

    2. Plan ahead the meal

    Create a menu for breakfast or even the whole week on Sunday. Make the list of it, you can also discuss it with your family. Make sure you have everything on hand in the morning.

    3. Check your kids’ bag

    Your children may forget what they left on their bags. Thus, Sunday is the best time for you to check them all and sort it before Monday morning.

    4. Help your kids complete their homework

    Make sure your kids finish their homeworks on Saturday or Sunday morning, instead of Sunday evening as it is the time for resting. Erika A. Patall, an assistant professor of educational psychology in Texas University, U.S., said children will feel more positive on Monday morning when they are free from homeworks by the day before or Sunday evening.

    5. Finish house chores

    Monday morning is not the time for you to do house chores. Do not forget to clean the house on the weekend. Otherwise, lower your standard and don’t be stress seeing your kids toys everywhere on display.

    6. Manage your work

    If you are career parents, it means you have to also deal with your works. Make a short time to check your email, job notes, and manage jobs you have to do at work. Peggy Duncan, an Atlanta-based certified productive and career expert, suggested do not schedule important meetings on Monday morning because it will increase your anxiety to face the day.