4 Tips to Secure Flash Drive from Cyber Threats

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Today’s technology tips will see how to secure your USB flash drives from malware. The cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab through its study states that USB flash drive remains a high potential target for virus transmission.

    According to Kaspersky Lab, the number of users affected by malware transmission via USB with crypto-miner gradually increased over the years. The firm recommended strategies to prevent your USB devices and external media from such malware as outlined by Tempo in the following.

    1. Be careful of devices connected to your computer. Make sure you know previous usage purposes of the device before you connect it to your computer.

    2. Use encrypted flash drives from trusted brands. Thus you will rest assured that your data is saved even if you lost it.

    3. Make sure your stored data is encrypted in the USB.

    4. Get cyber solution which can detect all malicious infection in your external media before you connect it to a network. A USB drive from a trusted brand does not mean free of virus threats.

    Furthermore, for companies using USB drives, Kaspersky Lab offers additional inputs:

    1. Manage the utilization of the USB drives, on which drives can be used by whom and for what.

    2. Educate employees on how to safely use USB drives, particularly if the employees connect the drive and plug it to their home computer and work devices.

    3. Do not put your USB drives recklessly on display.