Fires on Mount Ciremai, Climbing Route Still Opened

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  • Fire in Mount Ciremai National Park. TEMPO/Deffan Purnama

    Fire in Mount Ciremai National Park. TEMPO/Deffan Purnama

    TEMPO.CO, Kuningan - The fires in the forest area of Mount Ciremai National Park (TNGC) in Kuningan District, West Java, was reported to have burned 355.25 hectares of forest.

    The Chief Executive of the Kuningan District Regional Disaster Management Agency, Agus Mauludin, said the fire could not be extinguished yet.

    “We are currently trying to do the mapping and sweeping in several areas, such as Batu Arca to Mount Dulang,” he said in Kuningan, Wednesday, October 3.

    The volunteers, TNGC officers, and rangers, totaling 20 people, were struggling to extinguish the fire at the end of Karangdinding through the Cileutik Pasawahan access.

    The fires in the TNGC forest area have occurred since Sunday. “The condition of rocky land and the extent of the fire area becomes a problem for the team,” Agus said.

    All of the Ciremai Mountain climbing routes are declared to be open. “Because the burned area is far from the climbing route,” said the Head of TNGC Region I Kuningan San Andre Jatmiko.

    Andre appealed to the climbers not to leave the campfire on, or to make flames that could cause a fire on Mount Ciremai.