Batik Day; 5 Modern Batik Designs to Inspire You  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia identifies today, October 2, as the National Batik Day since it was named as the country`s Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009. Even prior to that, batik has gone through evolutions. Here are five of a modern twist on batik.

    1. Transformers-inspired Batik 

    Transformer-inspired batik. ANTARA

    Indonesian designer Michelle Tjokrosaputro introduced a fresh modern batik lineup themed “Shifter” which he said was inspired by Michael Bay’s Transformers movies in the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2018 held last month. 

    In collaboration with bateeq and toy-industry giant Hasbro, Michelle showcased his take on an Indonesian culture integrated with current pop culture. “This is to spark Indonesians, youths especially, to be used to batik made from materials that can be applied for many things,” said Michelle.

    2. Batik with Matador attitude

    Torero Batik is shown at the Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week in Jakarta. ANTARA/Aji Cakti

    Plaza Indonesia’s Men’s Fashion Week witnessed the birth of a batik collection gelled with the tradition of a Spanish matador that was themed as “Torrero”. The collection is a mix of European art nouveau while still maintaining an Indonesian touch in its batik design.

    3. Batik for the young and sporty 

    Malaysian designer Michael Ong (right) and Alleira Batik COO Zakaria Hamzah (left) introduce sporty batik. ANTARA/ Aji Cakti

    This type of sporty and youthful batik design is the child of Malaysian designer Michael Ong who collaborated with Alleria Batik showcased in Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week. In an interview on September 24th, Michael said that he made it for youths that often like to wear oversized clothing and intend to rebrand batik’s conservative image.

    4. Batik Chic

    The brainchild behind the Batik Chic is designer Novita Yunus. Batik Chic features contemporary-inspired designs added with all season materials. As Antaranews reported on September 28, Italian designers expressed their willingness to collaborate in creating a batik design that would successfully capture the Italian market. 

    5. Blue flame-inspired Ijen Bondowoso Batik

    A batik coming from the region most known for Mount Ijen crater’s blue fire would certainly succeed in bringing a fresh take in batik designs. Not failing to meet expectation is the rich-colored and dynamically designed blue flame batik that fits today’s younger generations.