Health Minister: Immunization Until We Hit Target

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  • Health Minister Nila Moeloek. TEMPO/Ilham Fikri

    Health Minister Nila Moeloek. TEMPO/Ilham Fikri

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta- The Health Ministry has failed to achieve its second stage measles-rubella immunization target. Health Minister Nila Djuwita Moeloek said there have been several obstacles that resulted in the low vaccination achievement rate. Nila’s following explanations were compiled from several question-and-answer occasions.

    Why is the reach of the second stage MR immunization drive below target?

    We need to vaccinate 70 million children en masse. Last year, half of that number was carried out on the island of Java. This year it’s outside of Java, where conditions are not easy and our officers have to face extraordinary geographical challenges. We have worked very hard. In Papua, our officers had to take many initiatives.

    Is one of the factors for public refusal the MUI’s haram fatwa?

    Maybe. I do not want to say whether that was or was not the factor, nor that refutation in the community was because of that factor.

    What’s the solution?

    If we can, the period should be extended. We will continue immunization until we reach the target.

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