Pertamina Distributes B20 to Nine More Fuel Terminals

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State-run oil company Pertamina has distributed a 20 percent biofuel mixed-use diesel (Biodiesel 20/B20) to 69 fuel terminals (TBBM) thus far.

    “We have delivered B20 in 60 TBBM in early September, and up to September 14, we have distributed to more 9 terminals, in Cepu, Cilacap, Palopo, Bima, Reo, Kolaka, Tual, Badas, and Ketapang,” said Pertamina's logistics, supply chain, and infrastructure director Gandhi Sriwidodo.

    Through a written statement received by Antara in Jakarta, Monday, September 17, Pertamina further monitored the implementation of the Biodiesel 20 mandatory. Since the government initiated the policy on August 31, 2018, the firm had conducted several measures to mix FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Eter) to either PSO (Public Service Obligations/subsidized) fuel or non-PSO.

    According to Gandhi, Pertamina had used 159,988 kiloliters or 39 percent from the total monthly allocation of FAME as the mixed content in the diesel per September 14. “116,422 kiloliters for PSO fuel and 43,566 kiloliters for non-PSO.”

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    The company, he added, attempted several measures to consolidate 112 fuel terminals to distribute the Biodiesel 20, both in PSO and non-PSO sector.

    Meanwhile, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry's Oil and Gas Director Djoko Siswanto also monitored the establishment of B20 mandatory. “Based on our study, Pertamina has achieved 80 percent of the B20 expansion. Hopefully, it will be completed in September’s end,” Djoko expressed optimism.

    Gandhi further mentioned the establishment of B20 carried out by Pertamina would trigger other business entities in encouraging the green energy implementation. It was expected ten fuel terminals would distribute B20 diesel by the second week of September.

    “We estimate the distribution of B20 will be expanded by the end of September because the main fuel terminal will receive the supply of FAME from the Biofuel Business Entity (BU-BBN). Thus, the other 32 TBBM will later distribute B20 diesel to all sectors,” he added.