Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sandiaga: Entrepreneurs Complains Increasing Production Cost

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Vice Presidential Candidate Sandiaga Uno said that young entrepreneurs are complaining about the increasing production cost following recent rupiah depreciation. The complaints were delivered during a discussion in Lembang, West Bandung, West Java.

    Sandiaga mentioned that he received aspiration from a young businessman named Aiqi. "He is one of the entrepreneurs in the clothing chain in Bandung who complains about the increasing production cost such as fabrics, thread, and printing. "All costs rise, including tax," said Sandiaga in a press release dated September 13, 2018.

    In response to the complaints, the former head of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) said that one of the factors affecting the economic stability was the exchange rate of Indonesian Rupiah against US Dollars. Therefore, he reminded all businesses to be innovative and thoroughly observe the market needs that rapidly changes.

    Sandiaga also suggested entrepreneurs to take saving measures. "Suspend the needs or wills that can be postponed. Make a priority first, and seek new market target," Sandiaga added.

    The former Jakarta Deputy Governor hoped that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) initiated by local entrepreneurs can experience a good economy ecosystem to further develop and advance. Moreover, Sandiaga added that SMEs had been the driver of the economy and help to create new jobs to mitigate lay-off and alleviate poverty.