Exploring Hanoi by Riding on Vietnam`s Go-Viet  

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  • Vietnam's version of Go-Jek, Go-Viet. (Khairul Anam / Tempo)

    Vietnam's version of Go-Jek, Go-Viet. (Khairul Anam / Tempo)

    TEMPO.CO, Hanoi - As of today, Go-Jek officially introduced its services in Vietnam`s capital city of Hanoi. Prior to the launching event, 11 Indonesian journalists were invited to take a brief tour around Hanoi riding on Vietnam`s ride-hailing app version called Go-Viet. 

    A number of Go-Viet motorcycle riders were mostly offering their services on older types of mopeds such as what Indonesians might identify as Honda Astrea, dubbed the Honda Super Dream in the Vietnam market. 

    The group of riders picked the journalists since 9 a.m. local times. Departuring from Hotel Melia, the first destination is Dai Hai Restaurant located across the Co Tan Park in the Hoan Kiem District. At the location, Tempo had the chance to converse with Go-Viet CEO Nguyen Vu Duc. 

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    “We learned from Indonesia’s Gojek. Together with Gojek, we are sure that we would be able to make the same impact in Vietnam,” said the Go-Viet CEO.

    Similar to Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia, motorcycles comprising mostly of mopeds and scooters still dominate the streets of Hanoi as the public’s main choice of transport. 

    The next destination was a military-themed café named Café Cong, inspired by the name of Vietcong soldiers. The café sits just across the Hoan Kim Lake, which is one of the city’s landmark. In this location, the journalists sipped delicious cups of coffee while listening to the stories of three Go-Viet drivers that had just started work that day. 

    The journey continued to a restaurant in the city’s center where the journalists said goodbye to the Go-Viet drivers that were more than helpful. Through this brief journey, we were able to witness Go-Viet drivers could color the city red, which is the company’s main color, unlike Indonesia’s Go-Jek that is dominated by the color green.

    Hanoi is the second area where Go-Viet established its operations. Since August 1, they have operated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s second largest city in the southern region. Vietnam marks Go-Jek's inaugural country outside of Indonesia where it expanded its business.