Angry Mob Vandalize Trucks after Motorbiker Dies in Accident  

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  • Illustration of motorcycle accident. TEMPO/Dasril Roszandi

    Illustration of motorcycle accident. TEMPO/Dasril Roszandi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Seven trucks were vandalized by an angry mob in Jalan Kayu Besar Raya, Kalideres, West Jakarta on Tuesday. The act happened following the death of a motorbike rider who got run over by a truck. Nearby residents took out their anger at other trucks passing the road.

    "Angry residents hold up trucks and vandalized them," Comr. Pius Ponggeng from Kalideres Sectoral Police said on Tuesday, September 11.

    According to Pius, people threw rocks at the trucks, breaking the windshields. The incident was filmed and posted to the Instagram account of @jktinfo.

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    However, Pius said that four-wheeled vehicles cannot go at high speed on that road, because of the heavy traffic and it is almost always jammed.

    Abdullah (28) from Kembangan Utara, West Jakarta was driving his Honda on Tuesday morning. He tried to pass a truck from the right side, but hit the body of the truck, driven by Hadi Winoto.

    Abdullah lost control of his bike and fell, and was run over by the truck's front tire.