ITB Student Creates Cervical Cancer Early Detection Tool

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) student Hibar Syahrul Gafur introduced an innovation that is able to provide early detection for cervical cancer made from sanitary pads which he named HerPads.

    HerPads successfully won the Kino Youth Award 2018 held in August. Hibar was inspired by his mother who was unfortunately diagnosed with cervical cancer back in 2011. 

    According to the student of Industrial Engineering Management of ITB’s Industrial technology Faculty, his work will be further tested by the company that held the event and said that his innovation will remain as the company’s classified item. 

    “The concept and how it works is still kept as a secret,” said Hibar when Tempo met him at ITB campus on Monday, September 10.

    Hibar explained that prior to creating the early detection tool that he sees is easily accessible for women, he studied cervical cancer from university professors and specialist doctors at the Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung.

    Cervical cancer is deemed as the number one cause of deaths worldwide, including Indonesia. Hibar said that most sufferers would often know of their illness too late as his mother who is currently still fighting against her cervical cancer.

    Hibar hopes that his work would pass the company’s test with flying colors and can be mass-produced to assist women in their fight against cervical cancer. It is not known when HerPads will be produced, but the company states that the product’s royalty and intellectual rights will remain as Hibar’s.