Hospital: Historian Peter Kasenda Died of Possible Heart Attack

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  • Peter Kasenda. TEMPO

    Peter Kasenda. TEMPO

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The autopsy conducted at the National Police (Polri) Hospital concluded that the death of historian Peter Kasenda was caused by the author`s preexisting illness. 

    “Peter Kasenda had likely died more than three days before his body was found,” said Sr. Comr. Edi Purnomo, Polri Hospital’s Head of Forensic Medicine Installation when Tempo reached him earlier today, September 11. 

    Peter Kasenda was found lifeless at his house in Jatibening Baru, Bekasi City, on Monday, September 10, after the local community unit (RT) broke-in through the front door after he noticed a suspicious odor. 

    Following the finding, Edi explained that Peter’s family requested for an immediate autopsy. “We initially scheduled an autopsy this morning but the deceased’s relatives could not wait any longer so we conducted the autopsy last night,” he explained. 

    Even though the official results of the ongoing anatomical pathology examination has yet been issued, Edi predicts that the cause of the historian’s death was due to a heart attack. 

    Peter Kasenda had lived alone till the day of his tragic passing. Prior to Peter’s death, a number of fellow University of Indonesia (UI) alumni became leery after the fact that Peter was suddenly absent from their Whatsapp group chat, which was unusual since he would always greet members of the group each morning with; “Good morning friends.”