4 Tips to Maintain Long Distance Friendship

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Being far away from friends and having to deal with a long distance relationship (LDR) indeed can make us be lonely and sad. But if you want to stay solid, try doing these four things.

    1. Take time to contact

    Try as much as possible to contact and ask how they are. Although it seems trivial, the effort will be very meaningful for them.

    2. Always be honest

    For those who want to maintain a friendship, try to always be honest. For example, if you cannot pick up the phone because you are busy, just tell the truth and do not lie.

    3. Arrange a time to meet

    For a friendship to remain solid, try to arrange a time to meet. Even though you have to meet once a year, just try to meet. Make a quality time with doing the activities that you like.

    4. Commitment

    If you want to maintain a long-lasting friendship, a commitment is also very necessary. If you want to be committed to being a true friend, of course, many problems faced can be resolved.