Kalla Comments on 41 Malang DPRD Members Named as Bribery Suspect

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  • Jusuf Kalla

    Jusuf Kalla

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Vice President Jusuf Kalla said that the alleged bribery case that ensnared dozens of members of the Malang Regional Representative Council (DPRD) was a collective corruption.

    “In the past, it was called as collective corruption, that’s a bad luck. Too bad it happened,” JK said at the Vice President office, Jakarta, Tuesday, September 4.

    Kalla also calls on the state officials to avoid such act since the effect is even bigger even though the bribe they received was not much. "This is a warning to the regents, mayors, governors, and members of the House, not to act like that,” he said.

    The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) previously named 41 out of 45 Malang DPRD members as suspects of alleged bribery in the discussion of Amended Regional Budget (APBD-P) for 2015 fiscal year.

    In the first stage, KPK named the former Chairman of Malang DPRD Arief Wicaksono and the Head of Malang's Housing Public Works and Building Supervision Department in 2015 Jarot Edy Sulistiyono as the suspects.

    In the second stage, KPK named 19 suspects; they are the non-active Malang Mayor Mochamad Anton, 18 Malang DPRD members of the 2014-2019 period, and 22 Malang DPRD members, on Monday, September 3.

    Malang DPRD members are suspected of receiving grafts in the form of gifts or promises related to their position and contrary to their obligations related to the approval of the designation of Malang’s regional regulations on changes in regional budget and income budget for 2015. Each member receives Rp12,5 to Rp50 million from Mochamad Anton.