Fiber Blasts Bawaslu for Halting Sandiaga`s Case

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  • Former Jakarta deputy governor Sandiaga Uno. TEMPO/ Naufal Dwihimawan Adjiditho

    Former Jakarta deputy governor Sandiaga Uno. TEMPO/ Naufal Dwihimawan Adjiditho

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Federation of United Indonesia (Fiber) has slammed the Election Supervisory Agency's (Bawslu) decision to stop its investigation into the case of political dowry allegedly committed by vice presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno for the National Mandate Party (PAN) and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).

    Fiber secretary-general M. Zakir Rasyidin said Bawaslu’s decision was too hasty. “How could the Bawaslu-level institution decide that Fiber’s report was not proven, while none of the reported parties was examined,” Zakir said on Friday, August 31.

    Bawaslu decided that the case was not proven and therefore stopped due to the lack of evidence. Bawaslu chairman Abhan said the plaintiff and the witnesses did not hear or see the political dowry directly. 

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    In addition, Bawaslu did not get a direct statement from Andi Arief as the first person to mention the political dowry. The Democrat Party politician failed to meet three summonses.

    Zakir said his party doubted the objectivity of Bawaslu’s decision as Andi Arief as the key witness had not been questioned at all. “In fact, to get the information in question is very easy, but all depends on Bawaslu, whether they were serious or not in revealing it,” Zakir said. 

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    Zakir said that as a plaintiff his party did not understand Bawaslu’s consideration to stop the case. Fiber, he said, would still review Bawaslu’s decision. “If the decision has potential to have a legal loophole, then we will make further legal remedy,” he said.