Thousands of Dancers Welcome Asian Games Athletes in Setu Babakan

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A thousand of dancers greeted 16 athletes of 2018 Asian Games who visited Kampung Betawi or Batavia Village, Setu Babakan, South Jakarta. The dancers are part of Setu Babakan Dancing program.

    "The athlete's visit is scheduled previously while Setu Babakan Dancing program has been long established," said Rofiqoh Mustafa, the management head of Batavia Cultural Village, in Setu Babakan, Sunday, August 26.

    Rofiqoh explained the dancers were from RPTRA studio in South Jakarta. They had practiced a few months earlier especially for Setu Babakan Dancing event.

    Atlet Asian Games 2018 dari Uzbekistan saat menjajal baju tradisional di Kampung Betawi Setu Babakan, Jakarta Selatan. Sebanyak 16 atlet mendatangi kampung itu dan disambut meriah, Ahad, 26 Agustus 2018. TEMPO/M Julnis Firmansyah

    The athletes came from Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Indiana and the Philippines. During the dance performance at around 9:30 a.m., the athletes looked enthusiastic and joined the dance.

    In addition to dance, the athletes were also entertained by the traditional performances of palang pintu and ondel-ondel dance. A veil was put on them upon their arrival at Batavia Village.

    The athletes tried traditional Batavia clothes provided by the management. For women, they wear Kebaya Encim, while for the men was Koko, pangsi pants, and peci or cap.

    "I hope I can bring this costume to my country," said Aleksey Tarasenkou, a swimmer from Uzbekistan.

    Besides various performances, the athletes tried to make batik and play a traditional music instrument, gamelan. Several typical Batavia dishes were also provided, such as laksa (rice noodles with coconut milk soup).