Senin, 17 Desember 2018

Govt Mulls Developer`s Input to Raise House Price

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  • TEMPO.CO, Tangerang - The Director-General of Housing Provision at the Public Works and Housing Ministry, Khalawi Abdul Hamid, said the ministry was currently considering suggestion delivered by developer association to raise the house price. Khawali said the ministry was striving to stable the house construction which did not burden the community.

    “We have received several inputs regarding the house price adjustment from Real Estate Indonesia (REI),” said Khawali in a written statement, Friday, August 10.

    Khawali explained the thorough and complete evaluation and calculation were required to raise the house price. The ministry was careful in setting the price without besetting low-income community (MBR).

    “The hike price must not hamper MBR to purchase a house. Because if the rate increases, the government should also provide more subsidy. The main point is, we have to maintain the stability in property sector because house construction is one of the indicators of the national development,” he said.

    The ministry acknowledged the difficulty faced by developers in building residences at strategic locations. The less availability of housing land would affect the land prices. Besides, the price changes of material products and workers fee indirectly have an impact towards housing construction projects.

    Therefore, the ministry would keep synergizing with developer associations to discuss the price adjustment. The government also continuously striving to encourage developers to build residences for MBR and non-MBR community through its program Satu Juta Rumah or one thousand houses program.

    “The government actually has a clear calculation should the price adjustment is needed. One important thing is how the house quality for MBR community could be maintained because they really need decent houses,” said Khalawi Abdul Hamid.