4 Tips to Make Cool Vlog  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A creative content maker on social media named Arief Muhammad has been making video blog or vlog since 2013. He shared everything on the vlog starting from his passion of storytelling.

    “Actually because I like to tell stories, the media i used to tell it back in the day was with writing (blog), nowadays, people like it to be more casual. Following the times, the content [of vlogging] is actually the same, storytelling, but the platform is different, it becomes a video,” Arief said when met in Jakarta, Tuesday, August 7.

    In the past, he used simple equipment, switching between a cell phone or a pocket camera, now he uses a professional camera. Arief shares four tips for the readers to create content for their own vlog:

    1. Start now

    Arief sees the tendency of young people to watch vlogging content from those who already well-known, so they will feel inferior when compared to those who have used advanced camera and have many teams. “If you always feel inferior, you won’t start well. Great content also starts from the very bottom, starting alone, using simple tools. So, just start,” he said.

    2. Find a hobby

    Arief suggested making something that is in accordance with your preferences. “Find out what we like, and then make it. We will look for people with the same passion. For example, gaming content is trending now, everyone makes it. But, I didn’t, I like playing games, but, that’s not what I want to create. So, I focus on traveling,” Arief said.

    3. Don’t force it

    Arief suggested not to force yourself to make the content that in accordance with what people look for. “Not all viral things should be followed by us vloggers. For example, girls, right now, there is a lot of beauty vlogs. Instead of forcing it to make one, in which you're not used to it or it doesn't fit your personality, then don't do it. Try cooking, if you like to cook. But if you don't like it, don’t force it,” Arief said.

    4. Characteristics

    Arief assessed that there is a content creator who fully asks his team to edit the vlogs that had been created. In fact, things like that can make the characteristics disappear. To avoid this, Arief handed over the initial editing to his team, but before he uploads it, he would watch it and revise it again so that his character would not lose. “If you hand over everything to the video editing team, the tone of the video could change, and at the end it will it not have your characteristics,” Arief said.