Senin, 17 Desember 2018

How to Make Your Salad Tasty

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The saladusually being served as an appetizer, is a dish consisting of various pieces of vegetables or fruit that mixed with sauce or salad dressing.

    The salad is rich in nutrients which is easy to make. However, make sure your homemade salad will taste good and satiates your taste bud along with your stomach. Here are the ways to make it tasty:

    "Variety and portion. At least, 6 ingredients can be mixed to make your stomach full. Nutritional balance is also important," said Adhi Putra Tawakal, the Marketing Manager of SaladStop! Indonesia, at Senayan City, Central Jakarta, Monday, August 6.

    The fiber and vitamins in the salad are very useful to digest and detoxify your body. However, many people feel that a bowl of salad will not be enough for daily intake.

    With the right portion, salad can be a core food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. "[You can get] carbohydrates from tortillas wrap or dressings or cheese while vitamins can be obtained from fruits," he added.

    Hence make sure you choose the good ingredients and know your right portion to make it healthy and tasty as well as keep you away from hungry. "The combination of salad is almost unlimited so at least add 6 ingredients for your nutrition intake and taste," Adhi explained.