Senin, 17 Desember 2018

4 Flagship Tourism Sites in Orchid Forest, Bandung

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Orchid Forest is one of the holiday destinations in Cikole, North Bandung. This pine forests, located some 20 kilometers away from the town square of Bandung city, offers various edu-based recreation spots or edu-tourism regardless of visitors' age.

    Suasana kawasan wisata Orchid Forest, Cikole, Bandung. Tempo/Francisca Christy Rosana

    PT Jaya Energy managed the 14-hectare tourism site that constructed on the land belonging to the state forestry firm Perum Perhutani.

    Tempo visited Orchid Forest on Tuesday, August 1, along with the entourage of the Tourism Ministry’s Public Communication Bureau. Orchid Forest Marketing Leader Bagus Maulana said the area was officially opened in 2017.

    “This area has four iconic tourism sites for visitors who either come alone or communal,” he said.

    1. Orchid House

    As its name implies, Orchid Forest has thousands of orchid flowers in 125 different types. The flowers come from the local and abroad and are displayed in the greenhouse. The orchids required a special treatment as they have to be stored in the 21-29 Celcius degrees room.

    2. Terace Paphio Stage

    Terace Paphio Stage is the outdoor stage that blends with nature and provides wooden chairs. The international music festival, Lala Festival, was previously held there.

    3. Wooden Bridge

    Orchid Forest claims they have the longest wooden bridge in Bandung. The 125-meter bridge in the height above 20 meters is the most favorable photo spot among the visitors. After walking through the bridge, visitors could take the flying fox or walk through the Garden of Light.

    4. Garden of Light

    Most visitors feed their passion in taking many photographs in Garden of Light. The area displays various lights in different shapes.

    To reach Orchid Forest, tourists can take a public transportation heading to Cikole, Lembang, or grab an online taxi from the central city via Dago Atas. The tourism site provides shuttle buses for tourists from the parking area to the entrance gate since the distance is up to one kilometers.

    The ticket to enter Orchid Forest Cikole, North Bandung is priced around Rp35.000 per person. Make sure to keep the ticket because it can be exchanged with a mineral water in the exit gate.