Senin, 17 Desember 2018

5 Things You Wish Would Never Happen While Traveling

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - If you have not experience these five terrible things while traveling, you should be thankful and pray to to God not to experience it.

    1. Missing your flight or train

    Missing the flight or train makes you lose money, as well as time. That may also possibly ruin your travel schedule and itinerary.

    Such incidents usually occur if you get an early flight and you are not a morning person. Thus, you better set your alarm in a high volume should you have to catch your flight or train in early hours.

    2. Arrive at midnight

    When you arrive at midnight, there are two things that must become your concern. First, how to go to your hotel, and secondly, will you be able to check-in at midnight.

    However, it will not be your issue since nowadays, in the world full of technology, you can call for an online taxi ride and also confirming your booked room with a single touch on your smartphone.

    3. Arriving at the hotel before check-in time

    Many hotels commonly have its own policy on check-in and check-out time. One of the annoying things that may happen while traveling is when you arrive hours earlier before the check-in time. You may consider taking a walk but the time is limited and eventually, you will end up walking around the hotel.

    To avoid boredom, you should bring a book or laptop so you can enjoy your waiting-list movie.

    4. Losing your camera

    If you are unlucky enough to lose your camera because of negligence or theft, you might want to prevent this from happening by keeping a close eye on your precious belongings.

    It is possible to save some money to later purchase a new camera, but surely you rather have all the memories you have collected during your travel.

    5. ATM swallows your card

    This may occur to those travelers who are hungry, exhausted, or feeling homesick and forget their debit card`s password up to three times or leave the ATM before taking their card.

    If you do not want to experience such incidents, always remember your password and do not leave the ATM booths unless you have placed your card in your wallet.

    Hopefully, you will never have to suffer from those troublesome incidents while traveling. Enjoy your trip!