18th Indonesian Scholars International Convention Held in UK

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The 18th Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC 2018) themed “Integrating and Empowering the Young Generation through Unity in Diversity for Indonesia’s Future Development” starts today at the University of Coventry in the U.K.

    The opening ceremony was held at the Albany Theatre, University of Coventry on Saturday, July 21 by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for the UK, Republic of Ireland and IMO-UN: His Excellency Dr. Rizal Sukma. Witnessed by Dr. Eng. Unggul Priyanto, Chairman of Assessment and Applied Technology Agency, Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia; Chairperson of ISIC2018: Gabriella Alodia ST, MSc., President of Indonesian Students Association in the UK (PPI-UK); dr. Eric Daniel Tenda, SpPD, FINASIM and the Representative host from the University of Coventry: Dr. David Pilsbury.

    The election of President Jokowi in 2014 and his championing of the “The Nine National Priority Agendas” cover four important aspects: (i) Economic development and improvement of productivity; (ii) Poverty eradication and affirmative policies; (iii) Suppression of inequality in various regions; and (iv) Political stability and security, justice and legal certainty, and promotion of cultures.

    The keynote speakers highlighted that Indonesia is about to harvest the demographic dividend of an emerging highly educated youth, who will boost productivity and creativity in Indonesia. Whilst the second Indonesian youth gathering twenty years before Independence coined the phrase: “One Homeland, One Nation, and One Language,” the number of Indonesians travelling overseas to learn and assimilate different ways of thinking and being rewarded for their independent thought has never been higher.

    The four thought leaders present as panellists including Dr. Eng. Unggul Priyanto, Chairman of Assessment and Applied Technology Agency, Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, His Excellency Dr. Rizal Sukma – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for the UK and Republic of Ireland, Mr. Wimboh Santoso – Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority and Mr. Ahmad Yuniarto – Founder and Chairman of Biru Peduli Foundation, CEO of Schlumberger Group Indonesia. The Moderator will be one of Indonesia’s best-known newspersons, Desi Anwar – now working as the Senior Anchor and Director of CNN Indonesia.

    Professor E. Aminudin Aziz, Education and Culture Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in London recognises the importance of this event in his welcoming note to the conference guidebook, “ISIC functions as a forum for raising people awareness of the breadth of opportunities to be seized whilst studying abroad,” he added, “It is rewarding to see the work of the 18th ISIC Committee from PPI-UK, which is one of the most active in the world.”

    Since the selection of this PPI UK for 2017/18 Board, “We have received significant support from the Indonesian Embassy in London,” said dr. Eric Daniel Tenda, SpPD, FINASIM, President of PPI-UK.” He explained, “This close cooperation also helps Indonesian diplomacy in the UK and our work plan of 47 priority activities for this year have been agreed based on discussions and support from the Indonesian Government, through the Indonesian Embassy in London.”

    After a year of preparation, the 18th ISIC event is the highpoint of each selected boards year of service that brings together over 300 of Indonesians brightest, - students studying at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level.