Explore New Zealand in 5 Transportation Options

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - New Zealand is increasingly popular with Indonesian travelers. Its natural landscapes such as the lakes, mountains, and hills have become alternative choices for sightseeing.

    To enjoy New Zealand's natural scenery, there are five different transportations with different sensations.

    “Travelers continue to seek authentic experiences, including how they travel from one location to another. Driving alone or by train, travelers from Indonesia can enjoy traveling in New Zealand,” said Tourism New Zealand South & Southeast Asia Regional Manager Steven Dixon in the press release, Thursday, July 12.

    1. Road trip by car

    Travelers can flexibly arrange schedules and routes to explore new places besides the common tourist track. But do not forget to measure the travel time and distance.

    2. Motorhomes or campervans

    The road trip can also be done with motorhomes or campervans. It can help travelers save the budget to not rent the hotels. Toilet, bedroom and kitchen facilities are available in this vehicle.

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    3. Train

    By train, travelers can sit and enjoy the scenery of dense forests, volcanoes, valleys, rivers, and steep mountains.

    The route offered is Northern Explorer that connects Wellington and Auckland via a volcano on the North Coast Island. Then Coastal Pacific crossed the coastline between Christchurch and Picton on Selaran Island. The TranzAlpine will then connect Christchurch with Greymouth by crossing the Southern Alps.

    4. Bus

    The bus will take travelers to visit cities. It is available all day and the price is quite cheap. There are two popular bus service providers, InterCity and Nakedbus.com.

    5. Ferry & water taxi

    The most famous ferry route is between Wellington on the North Island and Picton on the South Island. This trip offers the beauty of Marlborough Sounds. Travelers will see the dolphins, whales, and seals there.

    You can also use the water taxi to start a climbing route or reach destinations that are not accessible by ferry. Most water taxi operators can arrange local tours tailored to travelers' wishes.