Voter Participation in 2018 Regional Head Election Below Target

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  • Regional Election illustration

    Regional Election illustration

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The participation of voters in Regional Head Election this year was below the target. However, General Election Commission (KPU) head Arief Budiman said the public participation was pretty good.

    “The public participation in the 2018 simultaneous election is quite satisfying,” said Arief Budiman in a written statement today, July 11.

    KPU previously targeted the participation rate at 77.5 percent. In general, the participation rate in the gubernatorial election amounted to 72.66 percent with the male participation at 69.90 percent while the female participation at 75.93 percent.

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    Meanwhile, the public participation in regent election amounted to 75.56 percent with male participation at 73.46 percent and female participation at 77.68 percent. As for the participation rate for mayoral election resulted at 73.82 percent; 70.76 percent for male participation and 76.90 percent for female participation.

    KPU had received the recapitulation of the election throughout 17 provinces and 146 districts/cities. As of yesterday, at least eight districts/cities have not yet submitted the data to KPU. Hence, KPU has obtained 163 data from all 171 elections of the regional head thus far.