Price List of 2018 Asian Games Ticket

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  • Asian Para Games 2018. TEMPO

    Asian Para Games 2018. TEMPO

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The 18th Asian Games will soon take place in Jakarta and Palembang from August 18 until September 2. The organizing committee INASGOC has officially announced the sports and games venue as well as the price ticket of each sport.

    The opening ceremony will take place in Gelora Bung Karno stadium on August 18. The ticket price is divided into three categories: A at Rp750,000, B at Rp1,500,000, and C at Rp5,000,000.

    Meanwhile, the ticket price of the closing ceremony on September 2 is set lower at Rp450,000 for C class, Rp1,000,000 for B class, and Rp2,000,000 for C class.

    The ticket price of each sport is varies starting from Rp50,000 to Rp800,000. Several sports offer a high price for the final match. For example, the ticket of the final match of Badminton for VIP class is on sale at Rp800,000.

    The ticket of the final of Handball priced at Rp300,000, Softball at Rp400,000, and Baseball at Rp500,000. Meanwhile, the price for the final of Women’s Football varies in a range of Rp100,000 to Rp400,000.

    As for the ticket of Men’s Football has not announced yet through Kiostix which was currently still awaiting the result of votings and the venue. The ticket price of this favorite sport will likely set higher than other sports.

    Here are the details of the price of each 18th Asian Games sport including the venues.

    Gelora Bung Karno 

    Softball: Elimination Rp100,000, Final Rp400,000.

    Swimming: Elimination Rp100,000, Final Rp300,000.

    Hockey: Elimination Rp100,000, Semifinal Rp200,000, Final 300.000.

    Volley Indoor: Semifinal (Bulungan) Rp75,000, Semifinal (GBK) Rp75,000, play-off until quarter final (GBK) Rp100,000, Semifinal (GBK) Rp150,000, Final (GBK) Rp200,000.

    Athletics: Morning match Rp75,000, Afternoon match Rp100,000.

    Squash: Elimination Rp100,000, Semifinal Rp150,000, Final Rp200,000.

    Rugby 7: Elimination Rp100,000, Final Rp200,000.

    Istora GBK 

    Badminton: Elimination Rp100,000 - Rp400,000, Semifinal Rp150,000 - Rp600,000, Final Rp200,000 - Rp800,000.

    Rawamangun Baseball Field

    Baseball: Earlier Match Rp150,000, Super Round until Play-off Rp300,000, Final Rp500,000.

    JIExpo Kemayoran 

    Boxing: Semifinal Rp100,000, Quarter Final Rp150,000, Semifinal Rp200,000, Final Rp250,000.

    Wushu (Martial Arts): Semifinal Rp100,000, Final Rp200,000.

    Taekwondo: Semifinal Rp100,000, Final Rp200,000.

    Gymnastic Artistic: Final Rp200,000.

    Table Tennis: Elimination Rp100,000, Final Rp200,000.

    Juijitsu (Martial Arts): Semifinal Rp100,000, Final Rp150,000.

    Weightlifting: Rp100,000.

    Taekwondo: Semifinal Rp100,000, Final Rp200,000.

    Trampolin: Final Rp100,000.

    Gymnastic Rythmic: Final Rp150,000.

    Velodrome Rawamangun 

    Cycling: Rp200,000.

    Jakarta Convention Center 

    Wrestling: Final Rp100,000.

    Karate: Final Rp150,000.

    POPKI Sport Hall Cibubur 

    handball: Elimination Rp100,000, Semifinal Rp200,000, Final Rp300,000.


    Pencak Silat (Martial Arts): Elimination Rp50,000, Final Rp100,000

    Kabaddi: Elimination Rp50,000, Final Rp75,000.


    Women’s Football Group Match Rp50,000-200.000, Quarter Final Rp60,000 -240,000, Semifinal Rp75,000-300.000, Final Rp100,000-400,000.

    Volleyball: Elimination Rp50,000, Semifinal, Rp75,000, Final Rp100,000.

    Rowing: Elimination Rp50,000, Semifinal Rp75,000, Final Rp100,000.

    Table Tennis: Semifinal Rp100,000, Final Rp200,000.