5 Halal Restaurants in Moscow to Visit during World Cup

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  • A Russian menu called plov and mors. Credit:: ANTARA/Triono Subagyo

    A Russian menu called plov and mors. Credit:: ANTARA/Triono Subagyo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Besides watching the world's great football event, visiting Russia during the 2018 World Cup momentum can be used for traveling or doing tours, one of them is to do a culinary tour.

    Russia, a country that has many cultural influences from various countries, has diverse culinary variations. A number of European cuisine modifications can be found here. In this World Cup season, the typical menu is also offered by a number of restaurants.

    For foreign tourists, coming for the World Cup or not, it is fun. But for some tourists from Indonesia and the majority Muslim country, choosing culinary in Russia should be more thorough. Therefore, not all foods offered are halal foods.

    If you are looking for halal culinary in Russi, here are the recommendations of restaurants that can be visited. Especially the restaurants located in Moscow, quoted from Halaltrip and Trip Advisor sites.

    1. Uryuk

    Uryuk is a café-style restaurant in Russia. The menus are generally presented in the form of some typical Uzbekistan foods. If you have never tried local food in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia and its kind, a visit to Uryuk can be an exciting experience.

    2. Chaikhana Shurpa

    This restaurant is located at Avia Park Mall. Many visitors come in the afternoon. This restaurant does have a different atmosphere at night. Usually, people visit the restaurant after shopping. Chaikhana Shurpa provides traditional cuisine of Uzbekistan.

    3. Taj Mahal

    As the name suggests, Taj Mahal, this restaurant offers a luxurious interior concept typical of the Indian palace. Taj Mahal is located on Arbat Street, and shisha is available there. While the food is a traditional culinary of India, Pakistan, Middle East, Japan, and Europe.

    4. Bardak

    Bardak located in Maroseika, Moscow, is one of the typical Turkish restaurants. It has a typical Arabian restaurant concept. The main menu is koftes or meatballs and various types of cakes filled with spinach, Turkish cheese, minced meat, and the like. While the typical drink is the original Turkish coffee brewed on hot sand.

    5. Mr. Livanets

    This restaurant is one of the typical Lebanese restaurants in Moscow. Here is the traditional cuisine of the country. For example hummus, pita bread, and meat that has a very strong spice herb. This restaurant is well worth a visit for a fine-dining dinner. Mr. Livanets organizes large dinners for guests who come in large groups.