5 Jealousy Signs That Can Poison Your Relationship

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jealousy is often considered as a spice in a relationship. However, excessive jealousy can also ruin a relationship. It can make your partner feel uncomfortable. It can also make a relationship no longer based on trust and comfort with each other.

    So, how exactly a jealousy can ruin a relationship. Here are 5 jealousy traits that are considered to be dangerous.

    1. Feeling possessive

    If a person is too possessive over his or her partner, this should become a warning for you. Because basically everyone has the freedom and rights for herself or himself. If your partner does not provide you with a private space or feels the need to know all the rights about you even the smallest thing you do, you need to be very cautious. Another trait, your partner forbids you to meet with your friends, it could be a sign of jealousy that will ruin your relationship.

    2. Always commenting

    When two people establish a relationship, then each other will involve in its activities by asking for advice, feedback, and more. The goal is to make their partner feel related to what they are doing. However, when your partner is actually giving comments rather than the desired advice, you should be careful. For example, he or she starts to comment excessively and always judge that what you are doing is wrong and meaningless. Communicate the issue and tell that he or she can advise but not to comment.

    3. Always Monitoring

    If someone starts tracking whatever you do just to know where you are and who you are talking to and what you are doing, it is already toxic in the relationship. This is a toxic jealous sign, when couples become so suspicious that they begin to disclose your personal information such as mobile phone, email and other keywords just to see your activities.

    4. Always Envying

    Your partner is always jealous of what you have. Starting from work, salary, cars and other materials you have. He or she begins to feel that this relationship is out of balance and you are always more fortunate than him or her. So he or she starts to make a distance and be cynical about your finances.

    5. Obsessive

    If your partner shows extreme obsession, you know that it is deadly and a clear sign of toxic jealousy.

    These are the signs that show you have a toxic relationship. Find out before it is too late to maintain a relationship.