Jakarta Sees Increase in Chicken Eggs, Red Pepper Prices

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  • ANTARA FOTO/M Agung Rajasa

    ANTARA FOTO/M Agung Rajasa

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The prices of red pepper and broiler chicken eggs have increased in Jakarta. The red pepper price rose from Rp40,000 to Rp70,000 per kilogram. Meanwhile, the broiler chicken eggs reached Rp30,000 per kilogram.

    Through Tempo’s monitoring in Mayestik Market, Santa Market, and Kebayoran Lama Market, South Jakarta, the increased price of red pepper due to the increasing commodity price in the central market and the price set by the retail agent.

    “The price of red pepper to Rp70,000 per kilogram, from the previous Rp60,000 per kilogram. The increasing price depends on the central market,” said Gunawan (50), a vegetable trader at Kebayoran Lama Market, to Tempo, Tuesday, July 10.

    The price of broiler chicken eggs, previously in the range of Rp24,000 to Rp28,000 has increased to Rp30,000 per kilogram. The previous price still lasted until last week.

    “The price of eggs is increasing. The egg is supplied from Gunung Agung, Central Java. The selling price has been set by the retailer's boss,” said Akhyarrudin (27), the egg trader at Mayestik Market, to Tempo, Tuesday, July 10.

    The increase in the price of red pepper and broiler chicken eggs led to a decrease in the purchase. Linda (34) reduced the number of eggs she bought when the prices increase. Usually, she bought the eggs as much as 1 kilogram each shopping. Now, she can only buy half a kilogram.

    “Usually I buy 1 kilogram. Now it's only half a kilogram because it's expensive,” she said.

    Not only the buyers who complain because of the reduced number of eggs and red pepper that can be purchased. The traders also feel that the sales decreased due to the price increase.

    Although the price of red pepper and broiler chicken eggs increased, the price of onion decreased from Rp40,000 per kilogram last week to Rp30,000-Rp35,000 per kilogram this Tuesday.