4 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The human intelligence is not only calculated by the academic value but also the body’s part. Referred to Reader's Digest, there are four parts of the human body that can show your intelligence level.

    1. Long legs

    The study at Brown and Princeton University, United States revealed that tall people tend to earn more money than short people because they are said to be smarter. The researcher collected data from people born in the United States and United Kingdoms in 1958 and 1979 to study them from their birth until adulthood.

    The result showed those taller people had a higher rate in cognitive test since their childhood. Taller people also get a higher salary and their verbal and numeric intelligence are also better. However, the researcher still further investigate the relationship between smart and body’s height.

    2. Left-handed

    A study in the University of Athens revealed that left-handed people tend to be smarter or genius. Through multiple tests, left-handed people have a stronger memory and better mental flexibility. Many experts expected left-handed people have better cognitive skill because they used both parts of the brains maximally to process information.

    3. Small belly

    Having fats in the body is indeed affected the health starting from the blood pressure to cognitive function. In a study involving 2,200 people showed that people with body mass index (BMI) of 20 or less can remember 56 percent during words test. While obese people with 30 of BMI or above can only remember 44 percent. The main researcher Dr. Maxime Cournot stated fats can damage brain cells which then decrease its function.

    4. Big head

    Based on a study publicized by Molecular Psychiatry, some 500,000 British were examined starting from their physics to their cognitive as well as blood, urine, and saliva. The result showed those having bigger head tend to have a higher score in the verbal and numeric tests.