5 Best Beaches in Croatia to Spend Your Summer Holiday

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  • The Zlatni Rat beach at the Brac Island, Croatia. Credit: Pinterest.com

    The Zlatni Rat beach at the Brac Island, Croatia. Credit: Pinterest.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Tourism in Croatia has long been eyed by tourists from other countries, especially Europe. The country whose national soccer team entered the semifinals of 2018 World Cup has become one of the world's top tourist destinations.

    The tourists' arrival from European countries has gradually increased every year, including from the United Kingdom who is the opponent in the semifinals match. Croatian media Dubrovnik Times on June 22, reported the country was the major tourist destinations of Austrian tourists.

    Croatia is located adjacent to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Several parts of its territory are bordered by the Adriatic Sea which is why it has alluring beaches. Here as follows, Tempo outlined 5 best beaches tourists should not miss while visiting Croatia.

    1. Zlatni Rat

    Located on Brac island, the beach has a unique shape such as a tongue with narrow edges. The beach is rounded from south to west side. The white sandy beaches with the light blue sea indeed excite the tourists. Ziatni Rat became one of the favorite destinations of summer holidays in Europe this year.

    2. Rajska Plaza or Paradise Beach

    One of the most widely known beaches in the Adriatic region is Rajska Plaza. The beach is suitable for a family holiday as its sea is relatively calm. This beach is located on Rab Island.

    3. Spiaza, Susak

    Surrounding Susak Island is a sandy shoreline that can be visited by tourists. Spiaza Beach is located near Susak village. The sea is calm and suitable for children play. This tourist area is very quiet because no cafe or bar is available, let alone vehicles or car. Tourists can reach the beach by catamaran from Rijeka city.

    4. Sveti Ivan or Lubenice

    Also known as Saint John, Sveti Ivan is one of the popular beaches on Cres Island. The beach is located under Lubenice village, an old city surrounded by a fortress of rocks. Lubenice city was founded 3,000 years ago. Among tourists, this beach is also known as Lubenice Beach.

    5. Queen's Beach, Nin

    Its other name is Kraljicina Plaza. Queen’s Beach is located in a town called Nin. Aside from the beautiful beach, there is peloid mud that can be used for treatment on joint sore or muscle pain. European tourists commonly mingle with the muds then relax in the sun.