Bulog: Rice in 200 Gr Sachets to Go on Sale in September  

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  • Rice in 200 gram sachets, Beras Kita. TEMPO/ Candrika Radita Putri

    Rice in 200 gram sachets, Beras Kita. TEMPO/ Candrika Radita Putri

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - National Logistics Agency (Bulog) planned to market 200 gram of rice sachets to all Indonesian regions by September this year. The goods that were priced at Rp2,500 per package was already available at several regions including East Java, West Java, Central Java, and South Sulawesi.

    “We target [the rice sachet to be on sale] in all regions by September,” said Bulog director for business and industry expansion department Imam Subowo on Monday, July 9, in SOE Ministry office, Jakarta.

    Imam explained Bulog has a duty to ensure the availability of rice thus the economic package is on sale to ease the public purchasing it. In the near future, the product would be produced in West Nusa Tenggara and Bengkulu.

    Regarding the price, Imam added, it would be set at the same price throughout Indonesia which was Rp2,500 per sachet. "Bulog must not experience loss, but now we focus on its availability," said Imam.

    Imam believed the rice in sachet will be in demand in the market, for example, for the daily workers whose income was only enough to buy rice per day, as well as for the nature activists who bring rice for supplies.

    "We will continue to evaluate it," said Imam. Based on Bulog data, he mentioned, 11 tons of rice in sachet has been distributed in West Java, while in East Java at 8 tons, and that figures subject to increase.