Air Temperature in Bandung Reaches 17 Celcius Degree

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  • TEMPO.CO, Bandung - Bandung's weather during this dry season is not only warmer in the afternoon but also colder in the night when compared to common days. “The air temperature in early hour reaches a minimum at 17 Celcius degree,” said BMKG Geophysics Station head, Tony Agus Wijaya, Wednesday, July 4.

    The air temperature in Bandung today is monitored at maximum 30 Celcius degree but that normally happens every July.

    “Because Bandung is currently in dry season,” he said. The chilly temperature during the night has been felt since the past week at the end of June.

    Tony explained the cause of air temperature that differs during the day and night. According to him, unlike the day when the sun usually sunny, on the night, most of the sun's rays on the earth's surface are reflected back into space without hampered by clouds since the sky is clear.

    “So during the day, it will be hotter but on the night it will be colder,” Tony said.

    In addition, in every dry season, the wind tends to blow from the east or Australian continents bringing cold air. “The dry season this year is generally normal but in the near future, there will be bad weather when a light rain with low intensity may fall,” he added.

    The weather forecast in West Java today is sunny, partly cloudy. A light rain potentially showers several Bogor areas, Bekasi, Sukabumi, Cianjur, Cirebon, Kuningan, Pangandaran, Ciamis, and Banjar.

    While on the night, the weather will be the same and that light rain may fall in Bekasi areas, Sukabmui, and Pangandaran.

    The air temperature in the north of West Java is around 23-33 Celcius degree with humidity rate at 55-90 percent. In the south of West Java, the air temperature is predicted at 18-32 Celcius degree with 55-95 percent of humidity rate. The wind generally directs from the east to the southeast with a speed of 2-30 kilometers per hour.