Police Share 3 Tips to Secure Home during Eid`s Homecoming

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  • Robber illustration. californiasecuritypro.com

    Robber illustration. californiasecuritypro.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - South Jakarta Police Chief Sr. Comr. Indra Jafar shared three tips to secure the house during Eid`s homecoming season because the empty house was an easy target of crimes.

    “First, install surveillance cameras or CCTV so the house can be monitored from the distance,” said Indra while inspecting empty residences in Kalibata, Pancoran sub-district, South Jakarta today, June 13.

    According to Indra, the surveillance camera is now on sale at affordable price. If a resident could not afford to buy one, they could collectively purchase CCTV for the area that prone to criminal acts.

    Installing CCTV, the police chief explained, could prevent or help the police to investigate had an incident occurred because the police could not guard all areas for 24 hours nonstop.

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    “The police could only patrol once in 1-2 hours. And the movement can be recognized by the perpetrator. CCTV can support police’s duty on the monitoring,” he said.

    The second tip is home-comers could board up the house keys to their trusted relatives or neighbors and make sure to lock all door and secure the garage with padlocks.

    Aside from that, the resident is suggested to install an alarm system in the house. “Remember, kitchen stove and electronic devices should be on off-mode because fire possibly happens in empty houses during homecoming season,” he underlined.

    Lastly, Indra continued, the public should liven up security personnel to monitor and secure the areas. “It’s important to re-activate the neighborhood security system (Siskamling) patrolling to create a safe area,” he explained.