Boat Sinks in Makassar Strait; Kills 13

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  • Ship sinking illustration

    Ship sinking illustration

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A boat carrying dozens of passengers sank on Wednesday noon at the Makassar Strait, South Sulawesi. Thirteen people reportedly died in the incident. 

    According to the police, most of the passengers who lost their lives were women and children. "Thirteen people passed away and 24 survived," South Sulawesi Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Dicky Sondani said on Wednesday, June 13.

    So far, 37 passengers—including those who died—have been identified as the sunken boat's passengers. The police and the search and rescue team are still looking for others.

    The boat set off to sail at 12:30 local time to Paotere Port, which is about five kilometers from Makassar City. Less than five miles from Paotere Port, the ship began to sink.

    "Strong wind and big waves caused the ship to capsize and sink," Dicky said.

    Dicky added that most of the victims who died weren’t wearing life jackets. Their bodies were brought to nearby hospitals to be identified.

    Rescued passengers have also been taken to hospitals to receive medical treatments.

    Andita Rahma