Sandiaga Uno Bans Eid Eve Celebration in Monas

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  • Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno. Tempo/Rio Maldini Burhan Nibras

    Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno. Tempo/Rio Maldini Burhan Nibras

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono appealed to the public to celebrate Eid eve or locally known Malam Takbiran at certain places such as mosques.

    “We ask [the public] to hold the event at chosen places or mosques in their respective areas,” said Argo in Jakarta Police HQ, South Jakarta, on Tuesday, June 12.

    Argo did not further detail the number of officers to be deployed to maintain the security during Eid eve. However, he asserted, the police will stand guard.

    Earlier, Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno affirmed there would not be celebration or event ahead of Eid al-Fitr at National Monument or Monas, Central Jakarta. Thus such Eid eve event would not be centered at one point that likely causes traffic congestion.

    Jakarta Transportation Agency coordinating with the police, Indonesian Military (TNI), and Public Service Agency (Satpol PP) had set several locations as the place for celebrating Eid eve. In addition, the agency also synergized with Majelis Taklim (Quran study groups), Majelis Dzikir (Zikr study groups), and local mosques to coordinating the celebration.

    Sandiaga Uno stated the city administration was currently discussing five points in Jakarta areas to accommodate Eid eve celebration including at grand mosques and facilities managed by Jakarta government.