5 Parts of House That Must Be Cleaned After Eid Homecoming

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Leaving the house in a long enough time, such as during Eid Day, can still be dirty. This unpleasant feeling will soon be felt once you get back to home after homecoming.

    Therefore, the appropriate cleaning steps are required as follows:

    1. Windows

    During the leaving, the air circulation becomes limited because the large vents such as doors and windows are closed. It must be done for security reasons.

    Then, when returning to home, the first step is to open all the doors and windows. It is to make the room does not feel stuffy and can get fresh air and new sunlight.

    2. Bedroom area

    The first room to be visited when returning home must be the bedroom. Hence, this room should be the first to be cleaned after you open all the vents.

    Replace the bed sheets with the new ones so you do not breathe the dust on the mattress. If necessary, add a fragrance to the room that you do not occupy for days to be more comfortable to occupy.

    3. Kitchen

    After cleaning the room, check your kitchen immediately. See if you leave the dirty plates that you forgot to wash or not. If there are dirty plates, immediately wash it because it could be a source of odor in the house.

    Do not forget to clean the cooking utensils before using it, because usually, the dust is stuck on the kitchen equipment.

    4. Dirty clothes

    Before leaving, you may not have time to wash clothes. So, your dirty clothes have piled up long enough at home. Dirty clothes that accumulate in a long time can cause odor in the house.

    Immediately wash the dirty clothes, plus the dirty clothes that you carry while leaving the house. If there is no energy to do so, you can use the laundry service.

    5. The terrace

    The terrace is the easiest and dirtiest part of the house when the house is left. Moreover, if your house is located on the side of a major road, where many vehicles are passing in front of it. Certainly, a lot of dust is scattered on the terrace. If you do have a lot of time to clean the house, do not forget this part.