Malaysian KPK Announces 4 Fugitives as Suspects of 1MDB Scandal  

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  • The 1MDB Scandal suspects in Malaysia.

    The 1MDB Scandal suspects in Malaysia.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Malaysian KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) for the first time publicly announced the identity of 4 suspects as the fugitives of 1MDB mega-scandal.

    KPK Malaysia released the photo of the main suspect named Tan Kim Loong. This 40-year-old Tan is named as the key figure of the 1MDB corruption case project.

    The photo of Tan Kim Loong, also known as Eric Tan was released along with three other suspects who are still looking for its existence to investigate for the 1MDB scandal.

    The other three suspects are Tang Keng Chee (53) a.k.a Casey Tang, Geh Choh Heng (47) and Loo Ai Swan (45) a.k.a Jasmine Loo.

    As reported by Asia One on June 12, Tan is known as a ‘mysterious human’ and allegedly disguised under another name.

    The account on behalf of the main suspect Tan Kim Loong is listed on R.B. Coutts and Falcon Bank. Tan was previously set as a fugitive along with young entrepreneur Jho Low since October 2016.

    As for Tang, Geh and Loo are former 1MDB employees. Tang is an investment executive and pioneer of 1MDB. Geh and Loo also work at the company that is suspected to be the cause of Najib Razak's defeat in last month's election.

    The four suspects of the 1MDB scandal are Malaysian citizens who have been on the search list for several years.

    While the 4 suspects have been declared as fugitives and for the first time their identity is revealed to the public.

    Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak allegedly involved in the misuse of state money in the 1MDB project. About Rp9.6 trillion of funds for 1MDB was sent into Najib's personal account. Until now Najib has no legal status.