4 Apps to Help You Endure Ramadan Homecoming Trip

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  • The Waze application is displayed on a smartphone. AP

    The Waze application is displayed on a smartphone. AP

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The 2018 Eid al-Fitr homecoming season is set to commence during the end of this week. This is why we have compiled a list of mobile applications that can make it easier for you to undergo your journey to your hometown.

    1. Google maps

    This is the granddaddy of navigational mobile apps that is able to assist your journey back to your hometown. This application that has over a billion users can be downloaded in Google’s Play Store.

    It has features such as directions that will show you specific routes you can take with its estimated time of arrival. It can also find you nearby restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, up to coffee shops, which can be operated by Google Assistant so you would not need to let your hands off the steering wheel.

    2. Waze

    This navigation application is similar to Google Maps which also shows your route, estimated journey time and is also equipped with a virtual assistant to accompany your journey. This app also provides information from fellow Waze users often known as Wazers so you can share and receive the most updated information available.

    3. Info Mudik 2018

    This app was introduced by developer Tuturu Dev which provides its user with information regarding the Ramadan mass exodus. This app is also connected to the country’s police NTMCto help assist people upon utilize public or personal transportation.

    This app is really light capacity wise, which can alos be suitable for older cellphones that have a tiny memory. This app can be downloaded at Play Store.

    4. JMCAREe

    This app was introduced by national state-owned insurance company Jasa Raharja that enables information to be sent directly to toll road users. This app also has a smart assistance that can help you choose the fastest route possible. There is also towing services available in the app that can be downloaded through Play Store.