Makassar Celebrates Vesak Day and Breaks Fast Together

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  • TEMPO.CO, Makassar - The Vesak Day festival at Sasana Dipa Monastery, Makassar City, South Sulawesi, was held together with breaking the fast as it coincides with the month of Ramadan. The event was attended by religious leaders who are members of the Forum of Religious Harmony (FKUB) of South Sulawesi.

    “We are grateful that this year’s Vesak has coincided with Ramadan. This is a rare moment to build tolerance between the two religions,” said Head of Indonesian Buddhist Representative (WALUBI) of South Sulawesi, Yongris Lao, in Makassar on Tuesday, May 29.

    Yongris expressed his gratitude to the guests participating at the event. He said that this gathering will certainly strengthen their relationship and also become a reminder of the importance of togetherness despite religious differences.

    Bhikku Siritatano Mahathera also conveyed the rare chance of Vesak Day that coincides with Ramadan. It is a good momentum to maintain the peace and tranquility of religious people. He further mentioned the wisdom of Siddhartha Gautama journey for six years after leaving the palace and all the luxury.

    "The moral lesson from the story is patience. Let us strengthen this nation with compassion," said Bhikku Siritatano during his speech.

    Head of National Unity and Politics of South Sulawesi, Asmanto Baso, said that this event is a form of religious tolerance. “This event as a form of mutual respect for each other and building tolerance of fellow religious people in South Sulawesi,” he confirmed.

    The event was attended by religious leaders of Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian. Chairman of Regional Coordination Forum, the Buddhist community, and residents around the vihara on Jalan Lokon, Makassar City, also enliven this rare event.