Saturday, 19 January 2019

KPU Garut Conducts Socialization on Regional Election in Church

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  • TEMPO.CO, Garut - The General Election Commission (KPU) of Garut Regency conducts a socialization of the regional head election in churches. It is done as an effort to increase the participation of Christian voters.

    “We have just visited one church. We will visit other churches in Garut,” said the Chairman of KPU Garut Hilwan Fanaqi, Friday, May 18.

    He said the socialization is one of KPU programs to increase voters’ participation in the 2018 regional elections.

    KPU officials, Hilwan said, will come to every church after a worship service to provide information and understanding about the phases of the regional election. “So we will visit the churches after a service only if they allow us,” he said.

    He said, all this time, the response from the congregation is quite good. They are also keen to find out more about the election, including about the regent and governor candidates.

    According to Hilwan, the information about the election needs to be submitted in detail. Garut also has quite a lot of potential Christian voters.

    He added that the socialization program is not only done in church, but also at the temple and mosque where people performing religious activities. “We have been visiting the mosques to do a socialization on the regional election,” said the Chairman of KPU Garut.