Saturday, 19 January 2019

Expert: Fredrich Yunadi Cannot be Subjected to Criminal Penalty

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  • Fredrich Yunadi.

    Fredrich Yunadi.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A criminal law expert from the University of Indonesia, Suparji Ahmad, said Fredrich Yunadi could not be subjected to a criminal penalty. He reasoned the alleged violations committed by Fredrich has not been through a code of ethics in the council of honorary professions.

    "It is guided by an ethical standard. The ethical position is higher than the law,” said Suparji who attended as an expert witness for Fredrich in a trial at the Corruption Court Jakarta, Thursday, May 17. 

    Suparji said the honorary board of the profession should determine whether or not Fredrich Yunadi committed to an act of ethical violation before providing recommendations to the KPK or other legal institutions.

    According to Suparji, there should be a deeper investigation into the obstruction of justice of KPK investigation. Meanwhile, the KPK prosecutor, Takdir Suhan, said that an advocate can still be subjected to a criminal penalty with or without a recommendation of ethical violation from the honorary board of professions.

    According to Takdir, Fredrich Yunadi has committed acts against the law by doing accident engineering.